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 For many years I worked in IT, for some extremely prestigous companies. For the 20 years before the stroke, I ran my own company where I sold my expertise to people. Immediately after the stroke, I closed this company down - I was convinced I was going to die shortly and wanted my affairs to be as simple as possible for my wife. Indeed, for probably two years after the stroke, I concentrated on things like my charity work, rather than on software development. In the third year, I started writing again. The goal was now to get back into work. I was aware that, if I ended up going back into IT, I had a lot of catching up to do, and even if I didn't, the development process would sharpen up my brain generally.

As I write this, three years downstream, I am easily ready to go back to work but am faced with having been laid up recouperating from the stroke, and just the general lack of IT work locally, which has always been the case. But, while I am looking for work (Feb '19) the old entrepreneurial spirit has resurfaced and I have been getting on with developing products which might well have an application beyond just being a tool for my re-skilling. Here are a few posts from that time: