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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Can't Win...

I did one of my voluntary gigs yesterday. We're very aware of fraud these days, and one of the clients mentioned that she'd had a phone call. She didn't recognise the number, so didn't answer. Exactly as I'd behave.

Only now, she's anxious in case the call was bona-fide, and she missed something important.

I certainly go by the mantra that if somebody wants something, and it is bona-fide, then they will leave a message on the machine. If they don't, the call is instantly forgotten. If it is important, they will invariably write anyway. Probably, you'd behave similarly. But it just goes to show how somebody from the previous generation might think. I'm sure that when we hear about people being scammed, a lot of it is because they're too caring.

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