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Monday, 24 September 2018


On the subject of getting myself back into work, I'm really happy because last week I managed to pick up a suit in the sales, which just about fits. And today, I got a pack of white shirts - I'd already got a couple of silk, clip-on ties, and have just checked myself in the mirror and...I look impressive!

I haven't had to wear "smart" clothes since 2013, and really, it's good that I can wear all that garb again. And of course I'm a lot bigger - at the height of my cycling I remember buying 28" waist trousers, and now I am a healthy 34" at least - what few pairs of jeans I have are 34" but when I tried the suit on, I should probably have gone for 36". And my neck has got a lot thicker - I needed 17" shirts! The rest of my torso hasn't increased as much, in fact the shirts look a bit tent-like apart from around the neck! But I can't really complain, I'm coming back after a stroke, after all. And it is true, I'm more sedentary now, but I'm hopeful that a job will get me moving about a bit more in any case.

One other bit of semi-good news today. It's nothing definite yet, but when I was consulting, the first trick was to have a CV which was attractive enough to make agents bite. That was always the key. If I could achieve that, and get the CV in front of the client, then it would normally impress them too, and I would get to meet them at interview. I mean, that was always another kettle of fish, but unless the CV turns heads, you've fallen at the first hurdle.

As I said last time, I consider that when I worked up in London, it was Premier Leage stuff (even though it often didn't feel like it!) and I developed a CV to match. I could pretty much guarantee that I'd get an interview if I went for a job. Anyway, I sent it off in respect of one job last week, and it obviously still ticks the boxes because the agent phoned today to say she wanted to put me forward.

I mean, there is a potential hitch now in that I have all this experience at quite a senior level, and the work around here is somewhat lower-key: my experience might put some people off - although I have to admit this is a good start.

On the same note, I am going to a job fair tomorrow, and am feeling quite optimistic about things, although I'm not sure what to expect, or whether it'll be a total waste of time.

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