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Monday, 25 June 2018


Only a few weeks ago (here), I posted about the swanky new glucometer I'd been given by my local surgery. Bluetooth. Syncs with my phone. In theory.

In practise, I haven't been able to get it to sync for the last few days. I go into the app on my phone, and say "sync". I go into the Bluetooth settings on my phone, and say "connect". Nothing. I unpair and re-pair the two devices. Nothing.

This all makes me realise exactly why I like the glucometer I bought. It's not the same glucometer, of course, that I've had all this time, but I keep going back and buying same make, same model time after time. The reason? It has a USB port at one end. I take it out of the bathroom, walk it over to the laptop, plug it in.....and it just works. The beauty, really, of physical connections - there's no faffing about wondering why the wireless connection doesn't work.

So I think my flirt with this Bluetooth device might be over. That's a shame, not least since I could also get the testing strips from the local surgery, and don't have to pay any more for them. In contrast, with the Beurer (USB) machine, I need to order the strips privately. Of course, the Bluetooth machine is still a perfectly good monitor - it is only a few weeks old and conforms to all the correct standards - but, if it won't connect to anything, I fear it is now my "backup" monitor.


  1. I think I have the order sorted. I have to restart the phone, which will reset all its connections. I then go into the app on the phone, and export the data (which I happen to do by email). All the data is included in the email attachment. No bluetooth settings!

  2. Nope. Despite rbooting the phone this morning, it wouldn't sync. I've managed to look in the user manual and manually pull the redings off the machine, but from now on, it is consigned to bin.

  3. So, two measurements back with the Beurer. Walked it over, plugged it in and sucked the data onto my spreadsheet in a few seconds. Seamless.