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Monday, 16 April 2018

More on Progress

I've blogged previously about my stress ball. I've also mentioned how I try to hit one of my light switches. I haven't mentioned either for a while, but I do still keep at it. I'm not so good that I do these exercises daily, although of course I should. I don't walk five miles every day, but I should. You can take from this that motivation is a constant battle, just as it is, say, for an able-bodied person who joins the gym for a year, only to have stopped going by February.

I also exercise my bad ankle, just by trying to stretch it. The movement I have in my ankle allows me to walk (approximately) but it is very tight - just about the joint with the worst movement. Stretching my ankle also reminds me to stretch my wrist. My (bad) wrist was formerly my writing hand, and doesn't have enough control to be able to write any more. There is a flicker of movement in the wrist, and my hand can just about hold a pen, but then I just stare at my hand and wonder why it doesn't work.

But basically, I am still doing all these things. I don't often mention them, but I am trying. Probably not as often as I should, but I do see some progress.

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