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Monday, 2 April 2018


Since my experiment the other day, I have gone back to measuring my blood only occasionally. I don't think either my hand or my pocket would have it any other way. I still measure first thing in the morning, but I am also testing to see if I can find an afternoon peak. I was high yesterday, so I injected half of my evening insulin a couple of hours early, and again today, when I gave myself the whole dose to get my levels flat again. If this drops everything down towards a hypo, then I have my evening meal to bump up my sugars.

We were out at lunchtime today, we went to a local garden centre and I had a coffee and a small piece of apple pie. Not a proper lunch I know, but how often do I lunch out?

I normally eat some very basic porridge for breakfast, but as yesterday was Easter we opened a packet of bacon, which I finished off today. Sure it was on wholemeal toast, but I wonder whether the fact that I had the bacon in a buttee came into it? I am at home again tomorrow, plus my menu will go back to my usual ingredients, so perhaps we will see?

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