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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Breaking Habits

Since my experimentation over Easter I've made a couple of changes to my habits. Of course in response to those highs I found in the early evening, I have been very careful at lunchtime - I've certainly reduced my bread intake and on many days, have cut it out altogether.

I also noted that my insulin didn't really appear to be kicking in until an hour or two after the injection. I don't snack a great deal between meals, so therefore mealtimes are really the times when my blood sugar gets quite a significant boost. As a result, I've not started taking my insulin about an hour before I eat, instead of at the same-ish time.

I still measure my blood sugar in the morning, pre-food and pre-insulin, to get the basal level, and sometimes in the afternoon too, and actually, just this small change has given me better control. First thing, my sugar is consistently at 10 or 11, which (if you look back at when I've talked about previous values) is an improvement of about 40%, and was consistent.

Until this morning, when I just measured in at 16.4 mmol/l. The difference? Well, as far as I could tell, the only difference yesterday from what I usually eat was that I ate spaghetti carbonara for supper. I mean, the three main supper carbs for me are potatoes, pasta and rice - probably my least favourite of these is pasta, so I hardly touch it these days, but I just fancied some for a change.

So I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I certainly plan my meals a lot more these days, so I already know I'm having a lunch of some mini pork pies (I'm in a hurry today) and a supper of a chicken tikka masala ready-meal. I've had this before and not observed any negative effects on my sugar, although I used to note that my sugar would stay high for 48 hours after a "high". So we'll see.....


  1. Higher still when I measured it at 6 o'clock, so I took a little extra insulin, had a brilliant night's sleep and my sugar was normal this morning.

  2. All meals changed, I decided to eat lunch out so had an M&S chicken sandwich (on wholemeal) plus a Turkish Delight bar (naughty). Supper was lamb steaks, a couple of new potatoes and peas.

  3. And "normaller" still when I measured it this morning. 7.something. Yesterday was just spent at home eating my normal food, last night's supper was a delicious cod in a spinach/cream sauce, a couple of new potatoes and cauliflower.