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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Running out of insulin

Had to take a journey into Salisbury this morning, to drop a prescription off at a pharmacy.For anybody unfamiliar with UK prescriptions, I discuss them in my glossary, so won't describe them further here.

So I had this prescription for my insulin, which was issued last week. We went to the shops at the weekend, but like an idiot I forgot the prescription. As of now, I have one-and-a-bit pens left, just 3 or 4 days worth of insulin, so it was really quite important that I get some fresh insulin pretty soon. Hence my trip into Salisbury. I should really have gone yesterday, but....

The pharmacy didn't have the meds in stock, they reckon it will take 48 hours to get it in stock, which cuts things finer than I'd like, but I should be ok. As an aside, the sharp observer might wonder, when you've got a city whose hospital prescribes a certain med, that the city's largest pharmacy doesn't carry that med as a stock item. Seems a bit daft to me, it should all be more joined-up, but what do I know?


  1. One of my stroke buddies told me yesterday that the pharmacy up at the hospital will honour NHS prescriptions. (Not quite as obvious as it sounds - the hospital uses a different system internally. So next time it might be easier just to go to the hospital instead. It's on my bus route anyway.