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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Trials and Tribulations

Had a hypo last night in bed, so was eating Jelly Babies in bed at god knows what hour.

Don't have them very often these days. Not a lot of food in the house, so have not been eating as much these last few days. And haven't been snacking, which is actually a good thing.

So following my sweet treat, my sugar was back at 11 this morning. Very average, given the readings I normally have. It was only 6 yesterday morning, so maybe I should have known?


  1. Ha ha, I had another hypo last night, I was busy with something during the day so didn't eat or snack as much as usual.So, two hypos in a week - I've now reduced my nighttime insulin by a couple of units. Just goes to show......never say never!

  2. No hypo last night, fortunately, although yesterday's food intake was lower than usual again. But this with a slightly smaller dose of insulin, about 5% smaller. Blood sugar was 9 this morning.