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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Blood Pressure

Wow, I just had a note from the doctor saying it was time to get by blood pressure checked. So I used the Omron monitor that I bought just a few months ago. Obviously, with one arm not functioning, some contortion was involved, and lots of teeth! I always measure the good arm since I've been told that the bad one can give unreliable readings. Anyway, the reading was

131 / 81

with a pulse of 51. I've taken all my meds (to date, I'll have some more tonight) and clearly they're having an effect. So I now need to hook the monitor up to the USB and update the records on my computer.

An interesting conversation with the receptionist at the doctor's, in order to add this data to my record. I'm on the phone to her, with the monitor sitting in front of me displaying these numbers, and she says, "what you need to do is to write them down, bring the letter into the surgery, and we'll add it to your medical record". It sounded suspiciously like, "I can't be bothered doing anything, so wait a while, come to the surgery, and someone else will help you". Sheer laziness - this really is the level of service you'll be offered unless you talk back. So, talk back I did. "Can't I just tell you?", I replied. "I mean, I have the values in front of me, and can just about remember who I am". Begrudgingly, she acceded, and I was able to pass these values on. But I felt guilty afterwards, this poor woman had obviously had to log into her system to pull up my file. This was at my local surgery, the place where I live. God knows what this woman's name was, else maybe I'd be complaining about this.

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