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Tuesday, 7 November 2017


A mate of mine (both online and real-life) posted today that it was the sixth anniversary of his stroke. He hides the effects well, although he says that even now, every day is a struggle somehow. I suspect it will always be so.

It kind of makes me think, "how do people perceive me?" I mean, if I'm just sitting there having a coffee, it'd probably take a keen observer to work out that I was only using one arm. I suppose when I'm moving about it is far more obvious, as I walk both jerkily and with a limp. I lose my balance quite easily (but am able to take remedial steps). I'd expect this to get smoother over time. And hopefully I'll be able to use the arm for more.

Interesting also that he has a clear memory of when his stroke was. Lots of people do, but I don't, possibly because for me it seemed to happen over several days rather than being a milestone event. I mean, I know things started going wrong on a Sunday in early February 2016. I delayed going to hospital until the Monday (possibly a mistake), when I underwent some tests(!) and was sent home again (so maybe not a mistake). With my co-ordination worsening, I went back on the Wednesday, when I was finally admitted. I was at least able to stagger at that point, although my memory of most of my hospital stay is not being able to walk at all. But anyway, spilt milk. I suspect I could deduce what these dates are, but I'd need to start looking at calendars/email trails to do so. And it doesn't seem overly important these days.

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  1. 7th Feb '16? And I was out in early Marh, god knows when.