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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I, me, mine

When I was in hospital, and afterwards, everything was first-person. Everything revolved around me, in my world at any rate. It's not surprising, I suppose, after all a stroke is pretty major. But I assumed that this attitude was caused by the stroke, and that becoming more selfless was a part of the recovery.

Not so, I've concluded. I frequently meet people who behave like this and who really should know better.


  1. On reflection, that's probably a bit harsh. I look around posts on the web, and people are mainly looking for an opportunity to tell *their* story. It's just human nature. It'd be very presumptuous of me to assume that *my* story was of interest to *you*. Well, except that you're reading my blog :-)

  2. I almost wrote this exact same post again today, so it is certainly something I notice again and again. People often just want to talk about their own view or experience.

    I, Me, Mine btw is a track by George Harrison, who was one of my favourite artists.