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Thursday, 28 September 2017


I've had this funny cold-like thing these last few weeks. I don't remember being like this before - no cough, no sneezes, no sore throat, I've just felt phlegm at the back of my throat and a "tickly" experience. I've even resorted to the old favourite Strepsils (the sugarfree variety) to soothe things, although just like the originals, they contain small amounts of medication so are subject to a limit.

I haven't really had a cold for years - that I cycled so much kept me immune from most ailments - and these days I come into contact with far fewer people, but I'm wondering whether being on an air-conditioned coach with a bunch of people for a week might have contributed?

This lurgy is on the mend now but it was bad enough last week to keep me away from the hospital. So there was no drop-in. I figure that in my state, the last person they'd want to see was me!

I mean, this is all something and nothing. I just mention it because at the back of my mind I wonder whether the stroke came into play somehow? It seems ridiculous, but one finds oneself thinking these things.

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