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Friday, 25 August 2017


I'm quite pleased with how my arm has improved lately. There are  two things. First is my restricted movement because of the stroke. Second, there is restricted movement because unused body parts tend to tighten up and cause pain as you try to move rhem beyond their new limits. (Although I'm generally ok now,)  I've felt this in both my wrist and my upper arm since the stroke, and this highlights why keeping the muscles stretched is important.

I've felt the former - my brain regaining control over my body - a little since the stroke. For example, I can clench a half-hearted fist. But I've seen enough be convinced that this is going to be gradual - I'm not suddenly going to wake up one morning and find my arm back to how it was.

However I have gained more movement, plus this movement has gotten easier. For example, clenching this fist has become easier over time. This too is very gradual, in the same way that if you're trying to get yourself fit, you can't see anything overnight.

I was heartened today, therefore, sitting down with my arm beside me, that I was able to flip my arm over such that my hand went from the back onto the palm.

Small fry, perhaps. But helps me maintain my hope that, eventually, I will get everything back.

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