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Friday, 9 June 2017

Election Night

I couldn't possibly let this general election pass without saying something.

Broadly, I'm satisfied that the UK ended up with a hung parliament. Nobody can make unilateral decisions, everybody will need to take other people's ideas into account. But the politicians have to make this work. I mean, it's not a bad mantra for life in general, let alone in politics. It's quite sad that it doesn't look like anyone from the Left will be part of the government, but in any case, majorities are so slim that I'm sure the left will find a way to influence parliament's decisions.

I voted Green once again - where I live, tactical voting goes out of the window, Tories get more votes than everyone else put together, so I don't worry about fragmenting the vote! - and I suppose that it wasn't a particularly ground-breaking night. I suppose it reminds us that the Green Party is very much a protest vote, and your share depends on how disillusioned people are with the main parties, as much as what you say yourself.

Personally, I always said that I liked Labour, I liked Corbyn, but that I thought him unsafe because of animousity amongst his parliamentary party. I like that the guy has principles that drive his stance, I like the principles themselves, I like that the guy appears to be more of a chairman than a dictator, but there are still plenty of Blairites in Labour I think. But now, he has shown that someone can be left-wing and still credible. So given his creditable showing last night, I may reconsider in future.

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