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Monday, 8 May 2017


In the recent local elections, I was asked by the Green Party if, as a supporter, I would be prepared to display a poster in my window. I said yes, but was a little uncomfortable at the prospect of this, particularly when I saw its wording - "Vote Green".

One reason I would not be a politician is that I have a set of views and am quite comfortable with them. But I would not want to foist these views on others, who have presumably done their own thinking about things (and indeed I think have a responsibility to do so). If these views leave me in a minority of one..... not a problem. And I think it would be very conceited of me to presume that "I am right and you are wrong".

So I really thought that my views were inconsistent with encouraging anybody to vote one way or another, although I was happy to declare publicly which way I would vote. In the end, I relented because a think a poster saying "Vote X" is more of a traditional slogan.

Same goes for religion, btw. I don't believe in any divine being, and am absolutely comfortable with that, but I'm fine if other people do. In my book, actions speak louder in any case. I do think that (all) religions (without exception) offer people good templates to live a positive existence, but there is absolutely nothing to stop someone developing those values independently. And, however they are derived, putting those templates into practise is important.

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