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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Cheesed Off

A bit fed up. Daughter arrived Friday and probably had a whale of a time for the weekend. After she left today I found the empty cup of tea that I made her on Saturday morning - is it so unreasonable to be cheesed off when someone is so idle? I know when she lived here that her room was full of filth, but I would have hoped that over two years in environments where, in theory, she is obliged to be tidy, would have improved things.

This is to say nothing of my glasses & case being "relocated" from on the sofa to under the sofa since yesterday. Without them, I can't see the guide on the TV, so I was scrabbling around on my hands and knees this morning looking for them - no mean feat when I find it difficult enough to stay on my feet without toppling over!

Then, last night, my wife joined in. "Are you watching anything on TV?", she asked, as I am in the middle of watching the news. This is code for "I want the TV so I can play my computer game", so I turned the TV off and had an early night. No supper for me, which made gauging my Insulin dose quite difficult.

Fortunately, daughter left this morning, and I haven't bothered speaking to wife all day. I sorted my own supper tonight, I didn't see why I should starve two nights in a row!

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