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Monday, 6 March 2017


If you detect a political slant to this blog, I must admit to being a member of the Green Party. This pre-dates my stroke slightly (by a couple of months), but is really quite recent in terms of the length of time I have been politically aware.

I've always leaned slightly to the left, I suppose, and I decided that the British Labour Party was (depending mostly on it's leader) either too right-wing on certain issues, or too eager to bring internal disagreements into public. I still think this - I think that the parliamentary party has it's knives out for Jeremy Corbyn, they will launch a coup just as soon as they feel they can succeed. And I think electoral reform is a biggie. So I was attracted by the Green message. I must admit, however, that I don't really find that any political glove truly fits my hand perfectly. For example, the Greens are very pro-EU, whereas I supported Brexit on the grounds that the EU is not very democratic. I think as a basis, even before we start building on it, that the EU organisation itself needs to be something which is transparent and citizen-centric - how, for example, would I get rid of someone who's pretty useless? And so, I reserve the right to disagree with the Greens.

But I'll try to keep things on here rational - I was always pretty good at logic, although my wife may disagree! I suppose it is helpful to support a party which is known the world over, rather than the international reader having to work out whereabouts on the spectrum that I sit.


  1. Just as an addendum to this, my membership comes up again in early 2018, and right now I'm minded not to renew it. I'd probably still vote for them, however.

  2. But how an election changes things!